Irving Park

Irving Park

Irving Park

Irving Park is a neighborhood of stately homes that surround the Greensboro Country Club

Irving Park Area Information

Irving Park Boundaries:  Irving Park is centrally located around Greensboro Country Club, with the Kirkwood neighborhood to the north and Latham Park to the south.

  • East:  North Elm
  • West: Battleground Avennue
  • North:  Cone Boulevard & Liberty Drive
  • South:  Sunset Drive & Wendover Avenue

Map of Irving Park

Irving Park Points of Interest: 

Irving Park is also known as Old Irving Park, not to be confused with the newer homes of New Irving Park that are built north of Cone Boulevard.  Old Irving Park was originally created as a golf course community in 1911 by Southern Real Estate Company.  The 350-acre project proved to be one of the most successful neighborhoods ever built in Greensboro.  Almost 100 years after the first homes were built, Irving Park remains prestigious and immensely popular.  According to Greensboro Neighborhoods, Volume II, the 1913 promotional brochure promised homes that had all of the modern ammenities, such as streetcars, water and sewer lines, fire hydrants, undergournd telephone wires and "no bill boards, no pigs, no nuisances, and no front fences."

Greensboro Country Club, Greensboro Homes, Irving Park HomesThe magnificient Greensboro Country Club is the most noteworthy destination for those in Irving Park.  Greensboro Country Club was founded as the first golf course in Greensboro.  Since the early 1900s, Greensboro Country Club has been a favorite for those hitting the links.  In addition, the maticulously manicured greens provide a lovely view for many of the homes in Irving Park. This private club also offers tennis, swimming and some of the finest dining in Greensboro.   

Irving Park Real Estate Information: 

Irving Park offers some of the most valuable homes in Greensboro.    The more stately, expensive homes border the country club, with more modest homes found on the out-lying boundaries.  The neighborhood is steeped in history and has many historic homes.  The Colonial Revival home at 700 Country Club Drive has been designated as a Guilford County Landmark. This 12,000 square-foot home was built in 1918 by Alexander Worth McAlister, developer of the Irving Park neighborhood, founder of the Greensboro Country Club and leader of six other companies.  There are also some homes that are brand-new.  Many homes face the meticulously landscaped grounds of Greensboro Country Club.The neighborhood is always bustling with people walking, biking and playing golf.